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OTW will be attending the BEF Junior National 9-Ball Championships in Las Vegas, NV August 1-5.

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On The Wire Creative Media guides new ideas from conception to completion, helps companies gain new customers, and has the knowledge base to support an individual's dream of having a successful career in Cue Sports.

The 4th Annual Atlantic Challenge Cup!

On The Wire Creative Media is gearing up for an exciting 3 days at the 2018 Atlantic Cup Challenge, and we’ll be bringing you live coverage of every match. We are looking forward to an amazing series of matches from the newly retooled Allison Fisher led American team and team Europe led by Tomas Brikmanis. 

Stay Tuned For More Details!




Do you want to make a living playing pool? An SPK™ is an online and offline visual sales tool, which alongside a great personality & drive to excel, will most certainly catch the eye of all companies interested in sponsoring pool players. It works as the connection and foundation for professional cue sports athletes & sponsors.

Do your customers understand what you do or what you sell? Our VPA™ is a great way to showcase your products & services. Voice Promo Ads utilize high-resolution images and graphics alongside a professional voice-over with the content of your choice. They are extremely effective when advertising on pool streams such as the Mezz West State Tour, Onsite Pool Network, Big Truck, On The Rail TV and UpState Al.

On The Wire’s TPK™ provides billiards event promoters a foundation of marketing tools that will increase participation and spectator interaction. We create tournament logos, engaging videos, appealing flyers, poster designs & more to ensure your event will not only function well but look great. It doesn't matter if it's a one-time tournament or one of the longest running events/tours in history, we can handle your event marketing.

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